The family at Red Horn Pizza have over 50 years combined experience in restaurants and café’s. We understand the importance of using fresh quality ingredients. We have sourced reputable suppliers for our ingredients as well as having our own chef hand pick the vegetables we use directly from Flemington markets.

Lets face it – making a pizza is easy but making the perfect pizza is truly an art. Our pizza makers do not use a measuring cup or a scale to make your pizza, rather they are individually trained to produce a pizza which will have your taste buds celebrating with every bite.

Its not only great pizza we pride ourselves on but also our customer service. When can you honestly say you had old fashioned personal customer service. The boss says “eating at Red Horn Pizza is just like eating at his place”- now that’s hospitable. We are a local business which is active within our local community. We are always out to help raise a dollar or two, weather its for your local school, local sporting club even the local hospital. If you have an idea on how we can help just shoot us an email.